FONDERIA MORINI has two highly productive automated systems.

The first one operates equipped with 600x400 mm moulding boxes and with max. height of 400 mm and production capacity of 80/90 moulding boxes/hour with two 600 Kg/h meltmg furnaces and two 800 Kg capacity electric holding furnaces.

The second automated system operates equipped with 800x800 mm moulding boxes and with max height of 590 mm with production capacity of 60 moulding boxes/hou~ The latter unlt is structured t0 cover a production over 2 shifts and is highly strengthened with the introduction of combjnctd electric/methane furnaces, an automatic rapid melting furnace with melting capacity of 2000 Kg/h and two 1000 Kg capaoty gacr/electric mixed combustion crucible furnaces. It is equlpped with a castjog rob~t which is state-of-the-art in the folrndry socfor and receniily completely renovated whith the ex novo contruction of the entire moulding box moulding system.