The production process responds to and operates in compliance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001:200, which are applied in all operational stages: starting with incoming goods, castings identification, annexing the production cycle, analysis and quality control, testing and shipment, analysis of rejects, customers' orders management, including issue of the order confirmation, control of scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of equipment to guarantee the casting quality level typical of Fonderia Morini products across the World.

The Chill Casting Division is split into two departments:

1 - Casting department

2 - Cast finishing, control and shipping department

Casting department

Constantly renewed, it now has eight mixed combustion furnaces, of which two are for casting and six are for waiting, with the relevant degassing systems.

8 casting stations equipped with chilling machines on mechanised benches, some of which are standard and others studied specifically for special applications.

They are also provided with additional waiting benches,where the prepared chill castings ready to enter production are positioned. These benches are designed for continuous cycle production, without any machine down-times for installation and removal of the casting equipment.


Cast finishing, control and shipping department

It has 4 cutting saws, 4 stations for cast finishing, and 1 sanding machine with belt.

The final controls and tests are performed using latest generation equipment. In recent years, this department has been highly renovated and strengthened with the purchase of an RX control machine, for on-site control of castings during production or at final test time, before shipment. Chemical analyses are also carried out, with a spectrometer, dye penetrant inspection, and dimensional controls.





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